diamond rings for women

Infancy and Childhood- from being a pea-sized creature to growing up to be an infant to a toddler, this is one of the most beautiful phases of human life. In some traditions, as soon as a child is born, they give the child a drop of honey using a silver spoon, which signifies prosperity and richness. In some cultures, after the child completes 28 days, they have a small function where they tie sacred threads on the baby’s waistline and ankles. It is during this period, where the family makes the child wear cute little gold bangles and anklets. For the girl child, most of the parents have the ear piercing done at this stage itself. After a few weeks of piercing, you can look for cute little stud Earrings for girls to maintain the piercing. Some parents opt out ear piercing as they find it difficult to see their child go through this pain. For small boys, usually a thin gold chain or a kada is ideal and the kada can be made up of either silver or some other precious metal, usually, the one preferred by the particular community. The suitable ornament for this phase would be a gold chain or a gold bangle.

Teenage- this is the age of transition from childhood to adulthood, usually characterized by a growth spurt and a lot of tantrums from teens. In some communities, this transition is celebrated as an auspicious event where all family members and relatives gather to celebrate the transformation of the child. In southern regions, the girl child is usually gifted with a lot of gold jewellery. The suitable ornament for this phase could be small stud earrings for girls and for boys, a watch would be more appropriate than any jewellery piece.

Adulthood- this is a phase where adults are fond of different things, like diamond rings for women and sports bike or property for men. Some men do show interest in buying gold for investments and some show interest in marriage by saving up for diamond rings for women. This is a phase which involves major life decisions like career-related decisions, choosing one’s life partner, settling down and so on.  The ideal ornaments for this phase would be diamond rings for women and for men, any form of gold for investment. Depending upon your choice and preferences, one can opt for light weighted ornaments of heavy jewellery.

Next is the late adulthood phase, also known as the senior citizen phase. Some say that this is the phase in which our elders go back to being a child. At this age, spending time with the loved one is considered more precious than any other precious stone. This is also the phase when the elders hand over the symbols of their traditions to their younger ones, so preserving these holds a great level of importance. The ideal ornament or precious gift for this age group would be lots of love, time, care and affection.

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