Sterlite Power Bags New Projects

Sterlite Power Transmission is a prominent power transmission developer and solution provider firm. It has successfully bagged a myriad of new orders worth around INR 1400 crores in its Solution Division, encompassing products and specialised EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction). This remarkable feat was achieved during the FY23 final quarter and spanned domestic and international markets. Moreover, the total order book by the firm for this business unit now stands at a robust INR 5200 crores for the entire FY23.

Orders For Upgrade Of Transmission Projects

Sterlite Power’s Transmission has been skillfully crafted to tackle modern challenges presented by urban development, shifting demographics, and the rise of renewable energy within India’s power infrastructure. The firm recently secured a significant contract from Powergrid to enhance and update its 400 kV Jharsuguda/Sundargarh – Rourkela line, which forms a crucial part of the extensive Eastern Region Expansion Scheme – XXIX. Through implementing cutting-edge reconductoring technology, Sterlite Power will considerably amplify the existing transmission corridor’s potential capacity by 1.5 times while minimising the need for additional.

Furthermore, Sterlite Power unlisted share company, will construct 220kV double circuit transmission lines for Serentica Renewables, the Group’s renewable energy division. This effort involves developing transmission pathways to integrate renewable energy from up-and-coming solar and wind parks in Rajasthan and Karnataka into the national grid. Now let’s learn more about the Sterlite power transmission company. 

About The Top-Notch Sterlite Power Transmission Company

Recognised as a global developer of power transmission infrastructure, Sterlite Power Transmission boasts an impressive portfolio that includes over 12,500 circuit km of projects and a staggering 22,719 MVA capacity across India and Brazil. 

Additionally, Sterlite Power Transmission leads the industry with its top-notch selection of power conductors, OPGW solutions and EHV cables aimed at enhancing, fortifying, and reinforcing existing networks. They consistently set new industry standards by employing state-of-the-art technologies and inventive financing strategies. In addition, it is the sponsor of India’s leading energy sector infrastructure investment fund (InvIT) and IndiGrid, which is listed on the NSE and BSE.

Business Model: Sterlite Power Transmission Company 

The company bid for government projects to install transmission lines to supply electricity nationwide. In turn, they collect fixed annual and variable charges for the electricity supply. The call for tenders for projects carried out according to the “competitive tariff-based pricing” model adopted by the government.  They have 12 projects in India based on this bidding model and have successfully implemented them. After obtaining projects, they commissioned and maintained transmission lines. One of the crucial criteria that the government considers is the availability of transmission lines. It also seeks and puts well if it drops below a certain level. Further, it has a transmission line availability of 99.84%.

Financial Performance Of Sterlite Power Transmission Company

Given below is the financial performance of Sterlite Power Transmission:

  • Sterlite Power registered revenue of around 6,000 crore in FY22 compared to 3,800 crore in FY21.
  • Sterlite Power registered a PAT of 440 Crores in FY22 against 870 Crores in FY21.
  • They have 30 transmission projects of the PPP model,  which are 17 in India and 13 in Brazil, and  16 of them are operational.
  • 13,976 km of transmission lines authorised or under construction.
  • 31.5% market share by the tariff of interstate projects won through competitive bidding in India.
  • Achieved 99.78% transmission asset availability across assets commissioned in Q4FY22

The Benefits Of Unlisted Shares Of The Sterlite Power Transmission 

Total Available Shares1000
Face Value₹ 2 Per Equity Share
Lot Size25 Shares
Current Unlisted Share Price₹ 675 Per Equity Share

Now you might have a good insight into the business model of Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd. According to 9MFY23’s financial results, the company’s performance remained outstanding. During this period, the company’s revenue increased by 37% compared to the last quarter of FY22. 

Apart from this, EBITDA also grew by 8%, which thoroughly impacted the unlisted share price of Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd. These financial calculations revealed that Sterlite Power Transmission is advantageous and profitable. Buying unlisted shares of Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd may be advantageous and less risky than any other listed shares.

Bottom Line 

Sterlite Power’s new projects worth Rs 1400 Crore have given a vibrant image to the power transmission industry in India. With potential implications for Sterlite Power’s unlisted share prices, this development has industry-wide significance and signals the sector’s future potential. Now you may need professional help to invest in the best-unlisted stocks.  Stockify is the best option as it is an online stock trading platform that provides  investors with access to alternative investment sources at minimal entry barriers. Hence, their goal for retail investors is to trade the best-unlisted stocks and maximise investor wealth.

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