Where to Find the Best Route Planning Software

Okay, jokes apart. If you are looking for the best Route Planning Software in the market, you have come to the right place. We’ll not just tell you the software’s name but also discuss its solutions and features. 

The fleet and the transportation industry have evolved manifolds in the last few decades. Technology has a major role, in its rapid growth. One of the upsides of this amazing marriage between technology and the fleet industry is the optimised operations and less wastage on all levels. 

What is the Best Route Planning Software?

Before we tell about this fantastic beast and where to find it, let’s tell you first thing first. 

TrackoBit from the house of InsightGeeks Solution Pvt Ltd. is hand down the top route planning and management software in the market. 

When we say the best we don’t just mean the features it offers, or the clientele it’s catering to but also the accuracy of data and routing. 

TrackoBit comes with end-to-end fleet management software solutions be it gps tracking, video telematics, field monitoring, or cold-chain monitoring, to name a few. If we talk about Route management solutions alone, it offers complete trip planning and management solutions with it.

Route Planning Solutions offered by TrackoBit

What are the commonly sought-after features of a route management software system? Route planning and Trip management, right? Our team has gone up and beyond and paid extra attention to the minute features that actually determine the potency of a route planning software system. Let’s find them out!

  • Route Devitaion Alert

The differentiating factor between any other route planning solution provider and us, is accuracy. Our clients swear by the accuracy of route deviation we offer. No wonder the biggest mining, FMCG and Logistics companies are counting on TrackoBit to show them the right route to automation and istanbul escort optimisation. 

Get instant alerts every time a vehicle deviates from the assigned route. You will get to set the deviation buffer limit. You only get notified when a vehicle breaches the limit. The software also generates an automatic report of every deviation event. 

  • Estimated Time of Arrival

No, by ETAs we don’t mean the static ones but dynamic ETAs that are prompted at a set frequency as alerts or push notifications. Our software considers the route followed by the vehicle, its average speed and other factors while suggesting an Estimated time of arrival. 

Clients have the option to share the ETAs with their customers to keep them updated on the consignment’s whereabouts. 

  • Proof of Delivery

Every day trucks and commercial vehicles carry goods worth billions of dollars. Not only do consigners but also freight forwarders and consignees lay trust in truck drivers with their consignments. If the real-time tracking of the entire trip is an impeccable process, POD makes deliveries fool-proof. 

TrackoBit offers you four types of PODs such as OTP-based, e-signature, Automatic PODs and QR code based. You may choose any one or a combination of PODs. In case you have some other ideas or requirements for POD, we can custom-design them for you. 

  • Trip and Tour Management

Route planning is a software solution that consists of a bunch of features that make it a complete package. Trip and tour management is one such feature that route planning is absolutely incomplete without. 

Once a route is planned and created, it is saved as a tour in the software. Once a vehicle completes a round following the assigned tour, it is counted as a trip. How every trip come about, what was the average speed, whether was it on time or delayed, etc. are the attributes of trip management. 

  • Delivery Halt Sequencing

TrackoBit gives you a free hand at creating routes for every trip. You may sequence halts as you like, whether in the order of priority or as per their proximity. Our route planning software allows you to decide on the halt time at each waypoint keeping in mind the size of the consignment and the priority of the client. 

Benefits of Route Planning Software by TrackoBit

What we love the most about our clients is the fact that they never cease to surprise us with their creativity. Our clients have used our solutions in more ways than we could ever imagine. 

Well, we are a software company and we know that any software solution can have hundreds of use cases if designed well. However, we believe it also takes helluva clientage to aid you to explore real-life use cases. We have been massively blessed in that regard!

Here’s how our clients benefit from our route planning solutions. 

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

One thing that all our clients reported was the enhancement in customer satisfaction. Earlier some of our clients were unable to cater to bigger clients without completely ignoring the smaller ones. After all, every client is important. However, some are a little more important. If they went out of the way to please the priority client they would end up upsetting the other for one reason or the other. However, our route planning software helped them find the perfect balance between prioritising the clients, maintaining load capacity and ensuring optimum route density. 

Also, every client got regular updates on ETAs and a copy of POD in real-time. Hence, leaving no stone unturned in the process. 

  • Keep analytics at your Fingertips

What’s automation without a bunch of in-depth analysis of the fleet operations? TrackoBit does not only offer real-time tracking and reports but also an analytics dashboard that answers crucial questions pertaining to hidden anomalies. 

Mitigate every challenge be evident or hidden and stay ahead of the curve. 

  • Confident Decision Making

When you have reports, analysis and real-time insights at hand, it only translates into confidence while making crucial business decisions. TrackoBit helps you take the guesswork out of your business decisions and plants confidence backed by accurate insights. 

  • Swelling Profits

The right analysis, bold business decisions and 100% customer satisfaction are the must-need ingredients for the recipe called profits. Our clients have reported a sharp spike in profits. On average our clients have registered 34% profits in one year of our route planning software installation. 

  • Time and Effort Conservation

Software-backed operations help mitigate the challenges posed by time wastage on employees’ part. By time wastage we do not mean time theft but the time and efforts wasted on doing manual tasks such as reporting, updating, communications, etc. can be conserved. Our software helps automate almost 70% of fleet operations done traditionally. 

Where to Find TrackoBit’s Route Planning Software

As we said at the beginning, on the internet. TrackoBit is a well-known brand in the market and online. You may check the fleet management software out on the website and book a free demo today.

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