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Thesis statements vary from one assignment to another. Some convey an argument, others a key idea; some provide a concise but insightful explanation, while others summarise the writer’s thoughts and viewpoints. Our skilled writers offer a professional thesis statement writing service, crafting concise and impactful statements tailored to your research topic, ensuring clarity and setting the tone for your academic work.

No matter the type of assignment or topic, the process of developing stronger thesis statements is more or less the same. To boost the strength of your thesis statement, you will have to do the following:

  1. Dig deeper into the subject. Take a stand or make a testable claim through your thesis statement. State your opinion or interpretation of the subject.
  2. Be specific, minute, and critical. Given their concise nature, there’s no scope for being verbose or going into the details. Talk about your reasonings and justifications later on.
  3. WHAT, HOW, and WHY – these are the questions that a thesis statement should answer.
  4. A strong thesis statement will apply only to the subject of your assignment and focus specifically on it, nothing else.
  5. When it comes to any argumentative or persuasive write-up, a strong thesis statement should present a testable claim, view or argument. It should be defendable as the entirety of the write-up will be about explaining and elaborating the views/arguments logically.
  6. Strong thesis statements take a firm stand. They are not vague, passive, or come off as weak. Always be specific.
  7. Strong thesis statements encourage debates and justify the need to discuss the subject.
  8. Strong and well-rounded thesis statements are generally complex. They address the most prominent counterpoints and contradictions while showcasing the importance of the main argument(s). Examining contradictions is essential to developing a debatable thesis statement and irrefutable arguments. Do so to make your claims, ideas, and information more credible and acceptable.
  9. Consider all possible angles, perspectives, and views while developing a statement. The more comprehensive the statement addresses the subject, the more impactful it will be.
  10. Write a tentative thesis statement as you start working. It will change and evolve as you develop your write-up.
  11. Whether you are relaying an argument, making a claim, expressing your views, or contesting a perspective, you must be clear, confident, tactful, precise, and emphatic. Make a statement and showcase your stance on the topic/subject to the audience.

We wrap up this write-up with some tips on testing the strength of any thesis statement. And that wraps up this write-up. Hope it was an informative read for one and all. Read and write more to boost your comprehension, articulation, researching and writing skills. And, if you need help, seek professional writers from renowned online assignment writing and personal statement writing service.

Testing The Strength Of Your Thesis Statement

One of the best and most intuitive ways to test your thesis statement is to run them by your instructor. Listen to what they have to say and implement their feedback.

At the same time, carry out your evaluation by answering the following questions.

  • Have you addressed the primary question?
  • Have you taken a stance that can be supported & substantiated upon contestation?
  • Have you encouraged discussion on the topic?
  • Does the thesis statement pass the ‘So What?’ test?
  • Can your write-up support and justify every aspect of your thesis statement?
  • Have you answered how and why your argument, claims, views, etc., are more apt and accurate than others?

All the best!

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