causes of Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow is that condition which is caused due to inflammation of tendons attaching extensor carpi radialis brevis to lateral epicondyle or the outermost bony prominence of human elbow. This problem is actually the result of repetitive motion of wrist or elbow. Anyone straining his forearm tendons may develop this condition. So, this means that Tennis Elbow is not just restricted to tennis players. It can also impact cricketers and other sportspersons. A physiotherapist can help in treating it or giving pain relief to a great extent.

Some causes of Tennis Elbow you should know

There are certain causes of Tennis Elbow. They are:

  • Repetitive motion of tennis, wrist or over usage of screwdriver or hammer, hedge clipping, paint brush, etc.
  • When you are playing the game of tennis, there are still certain maneuvers that may lead to this pain. One-hand backhand can lead to Tennis Elbow if the technique is poor. If you bend your wrist significantly due to any late forearm swing, there can be Tennis Elbow.

Watch out for the signs of Tennis Elbow

Before you move to physical therapist for the treatment of Tennis Elbow or adopt any treatment process, know the symptoms:

  • Do you feel any sort of tenderness towards the outer region of the elbow?
  • Elbow getting stiffer in the morning hours
  • soreness in the muscles of forearms
  • The pain in the elbow increases when you hold or grasp any object.

If the pain in the elbow is acute and limiting your range of motion, then you must take medical care. It may be that you have taken some anti-inflammatory pain relief drugs and the pain still exists after sometime. This also suggests there is some major problem. Numbing sensation and weakness of hands also mean Tennis Elbow if other symptoms are there.

Ice pack is the best home remedy for acute pain

If you are looking for an effective tennis elbow treatment in the home, apply ice pack for 20-25 minutes. The pain will subside after a while. This will only give relief for the time being but you need to see a doctor. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain relief drugs can also help for the time being. They can reduce pain, swelling and give relief from extreme discomfort.

Treatment options for Tennis Elbow

If you don’t get the desired results from ice pack or the pain relief medication, you have to adopt the second line of treatment. You need to visit a physician for the treatment who may:

  • use an elbow strap to reduce inflammation from the tendons
  • Ask you to do stretching exercises of elbow to increase the level of strength. By doing them, the flexibility of the elbow increases greatly. For some days, the therapist may visit your home to teach you how to do.

Who are the candidates for Tennis Elbow surgery?

If nothing works out, then surgery of elbow is the last retort. Tennis elbow pain lasting for more than 8-10 months requires surgery of elbow whereby the surgeon trims the tendon or reattaches it to the bones at the later stage. But, it will need quite some time to rehabilitate.

A physical therapist can also help with spondylosis treatment. If you developed this condition, there are a variety of treatment options and there isn’t anything to worry.

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